Great White Wine Festival!

We will be participating in The Great White Wine Festival at Left Coast Estate in Rickreal.  It's gonna be a blast and considering our current situation (you know, first vintage making it so we only have white wines in bottle) a perfect opportunity for us to fit right in.  I find that I can make very good arguments that there is no 'season' for a given wine, just an opportunity.  But the heat this week certainly lends itself towards stocking up on white wines to enjoy between now and Halloween.  That's a long time, you should stock up well.


There are a couple of things you can participate in as a part of this festival.  First up, Friday night July 13th is the Winemaker's Dinner.  The dinner consist of multiple courses made by the chef at Left Coast, served alongside wines handpicked by the participating wineries.  This dinner is not limited to white wines and will be an amazing and delicious summer evening at a beautiful property.  Seating is limited, so if you are wanting to attend make your reservation now.  Tickets are $70, but my mailing list can purchase tickets for $60.  You will need a code, which is on it's way to existing members.  If you aren't a part of the mailing list sign up below and I'll make sure you get it.  Reservations can be made by sending a mail to or calling them directly at (503)831-4916.

Saturday July 14th the festival runs from 12:00 - 7:00.  Designed to highlight some of Oregon's outstanding and unique white wines, the festival features tastings, glass pours, live music, and lots of outdoor games and activities.  Even prizes I've heard.  Admission is $25, but you get into the festival, tasting tickets, game tickets, and a GoVino tasting glass to keep.  The festival will be held on a big lawn under some gorgeous old oaks, and is family friendly - bring the kids.  I have a very good discount (as in complimentary tickets) for my mailing list on this event too, so same as above - you should have it in your inbox or sign up below and I'll make sure you get it.

So we hope you are enjoying your summer.  As always we're happy to get you some white wines to accompany that enjoyment.  Call or email and we'll get them right out to you.  And we hope to see you in Rickreal in a couple of weeks.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.