Sis and Mae Wine Co is inspired by our grandmother, affectionately known as Sis, and her sister-in-law Mae.  Each moved their families from New Mexico to Oregon in the late 1940's.  While they moved around a bit, based on the availability of work, wherever they were they were fixtures on the porch of Sis' house, gossiping, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and generally looking out for their households.  As they raised their families they, without intention, became a part of the Willamette Valley's unique culture as well as had their own small part in defining who we are as Oregonians.  The environment from which they took and contributed helped to make our family what it is today.  It is in this spirit that we set out with the lofty goal of producing wines that taste of the spirit of Oregon with a sincere hope that they are a part of those moments in which you are connecting with the people and environment around you.


2017 Gentil web.jpg

2017 Gentil d'Oregon Wirtz Vineyard

The glorious mix of white wine grapes in the Wirtz Vineyard are just asking to be made into a field blend in the tradition of Alsace's Gentils and Edelzwickers.  When we picked we ended up with pinot gris, gewurtztraminer, sylvaner, riesling, and muscat.  All the grapes went together into the press, stems and all, initiated fermentation with native yeasts, and then coasted through to dryness in a long, cool, gentle cycle.  This wine was fermented half in stainless and half in neutral French barrels, and was racked off its less into all stainless where it went through partial malolactic fermentation naturally.  The results are a wonderfully aromatic wine with a zippy acidity.  In it's youth we see characteristics of the Pinot Gris (apples, spices) show up generally, while other days the Gewurtz is more apparent (lychee, flowers).  Either way there is an underlying minerality and a beautiful light texture that makes this easy to drink, but still interesting. - $19

Tech Specs

Vineyard: Wirtz Vineyard

AVA: Willamette Valley

Soils: Loess - silty

Grapes: 60% Pinot Gris, 25% Gewurtztraminer, 10% Sylvaner, 3% Riesling, 2% Muscat

Alcohol: 12.5% abv

pH: 3.17

TA: 6.08 g/L

Aging vessel: Stainless Steel


2017 Grenache Blanc web.jpg

2017 Grenache Blanc Applegate Valley

Sourced exclusively from Eevee's Vineyard in Applegate Valley, we could not be more excited about this unique and delicious wine.  Famed grower Herb Quady farms organically and delivered this 'LIVE' certified fruit to us on October 3.  The fruit had great flavor and we pressed it all together into neutral French oak barrels to allow for natural fermentation.  The fermentation went beautifully and required no additions or inoculations.  We allowed for complete malolactic fermentation and the wine aged on it's gross lees for several months.  The results are unique, and we think, spectacular.  The weight and flavors of this wine are special.  It is lower alcohol, but has some real depth.  Subtle citrus flavors keep it delicious, with just a hint of middle palette richness and a very clean finish.  We love how these grapes delivered and our ability to produce a wine that fits the 'natural' definition no matter how you define it.  We were able to settle and rack this wine sufficiently for clarity and it has been bottled unfined and unfiltered.  Maybe hard to define or categorize, this wine very clearly fits our ideal of allowing the farming and winemaking to help reflect the uniqueness of Oregon's climate, geology, and culture.  - $22

Tech Specs

Vineyard: Eevee's Vineyard

AVA: Applegate Valley

Soils: Gravel over granite bedrock

Grapes: Grenache Blanc

Alcohol: 12% abv

pH: 3.19

TA: 5.69 g/L

Aging vessel: Neutral French oak


2017 Syrah web (1).jpg

2017 syrah steelhead run applegate valley

Steelhead Run is at the West end of the Applegate Valley, growing right in the flood plains of the river. It is a rock filled vineyard that reminds us of parts of the Southern Rhone valley, in this case boulders upon stones upon gravel upon sand. We asked Ron and Laurie Burely, the impeccable farmers of this site, to pick a bit earlier for us than they do for most of their customers. This allows us to aim for a more savory, earthy, medium bodied expression of Syrah, which we prefer. The fruit was picked on 10/12 and then fermented in two separate bins, one with about 10% viognier, and the other pure syrah. In the end the balance needed both expressions, aromatics are lifted, fruit is integrated, and the cooler expression of syrah is singing. - $25

Tech Specs

Vineyard: Steelhead Run

AVA: Applegate Valley

Soils: Ruch gravelly silt loam

Grapes: Syrah, Viognier

Alcohol: 12.5% abv

pH: 3.87

TA: 5.21 g/L

Aging vessel: Neutral French oak

2017 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir web (1).jpg

2017 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

This wine is a blend of several vineyards throughout the northern part of the Willamette Valley, including Wirtz Vineyard, where our Gentil is from. It is carefully blended to provide an absolutely drinkable vision of classic Oregon pinot noir and the 2017 vintage specifically. It is fruity, it has just enough structure to be interesting, but it is also something you can open and pour without too much thought. We love how accessible this wine is and hope it accompanies many of your informal meals and adventures. - SOLD OUT

Tech Specs

Vineyard: Various

AVA: Willamette Valley

Grapes: Pinot Noir

Alcohol: 13% abv

Aging vessel: Neutral French oak and Stainless Steel

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